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WebPoll – Canadians Want Digital ID’s – DO YOU? | Front Page News

WebPoll – Canadians Want Digital ID’s – DO YOU? | Front Page News

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The sooner this Liberal government is dissolved, the better for us and our beloved country. Trudeau and his government are doing everything within their power to make sure that their agenda for a digital identity system in the country will be realized and they have taken extra measures to deceive Canadians into thinking that it is for the best. A webcast by the Canadian School of Public Service says that many Canadians have keyed into the government’s idea of digital ID. The main event titled Paving the Path to Digital Identity for All is scheduled to hold on the 6th of October, 20 22 and is reportedly open to public servants across all levels.

The webcast boldly claims, and I quote, that “A vast majority of Canadians want safe and secure digital IDs to confirm their identity to access government services online seamlessly, from any device, anywhere, anytime. Learn what public servants need to do to help pave the path to a secure, trusted, and harmonized digital ID ecosystem for Canadians.” I want to ask you plainly, did you vote in this supposed poll by the government? Because I don’t see how sensible Canadians would read the truth we share here and that you can find on platforms that are not part of the legacy media sham, and still go on to vote and hand over their lives to Trudeau. It seems stupid at this point, and it would be a disgrace.

You might be asking how Trudeau is involved in this when the information is coming from the Canadian School of Public Service. Well, here’s why. The Canadian School of Public Service is actually under the Liberal government because it is run by the federal’s Treasury Board, making it answerable ultimately to Trudeau. The government parastatal is also known to hold regular events for public servants where they learn and discuss a variety of topics. The Canadian School of Public Service expressed confidence that “participants will have the opportunity to better understand what the use of digital identity involves, its impacts, how to prepare for its implementation, and what we can learn from others in the industry.”

It also said, and I quote, that “Experts across sectors will offer attendees a better understanding of how its application will affect public servants and others. They will discuss how to address issues around trust, security and privacy, through collaboration and with robust frameworks, policy, legislation, standards and guidelines.” What Trudeau and his government are doing or at least trying to do at this point is to brainwash hesitant Canadians who have doubts about digital IDs into believing that the majority of people are okay with it. There is something called herd instinct and it is very much likely that the Canadian government hopes that it works in this case.

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  1. If Canadians believe this, then its likely the poll was biased and did not offer Canadians both the pros and cons for them to understand the impact of such a system on their everyday lives. This article even suggests this very idea. I am afraid that institutions understand how to word their arguments to convince people that what is being offered is good for them and its foolishness to resist. The Canadian federal government used this tactic to not only convince the majority of Canadians to get a covid shot but that anyone who did not was some kind of traitor; dividing Canadians. The only Canadians that this digital system will be good for is the ones in the governments who seek to control the rest of the nation. Lets hold our elected officials accountable for what they want to introduce into law. The ironic thing is that it doesn’t matter what Canadians think, they will get digital Id’s whether they like it or not.

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