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eID-Me Digital ID | Ontario Digital Identity App Launch Teaser

eID-Me Digital ID | Ontario Digital Identity App Launch Teaser

eID-Me digital identity is now available in Ontario and Québec on iOS and Android. Download now:

eID-Me is a secure digital identity smartphone app. It digitizes and securely stores government-issued identity and self-managed identity information on your smartphone.

Features and partnerships are now being developed to make online identity verification quicker, easier and more secure by eliminating passwords and strengthening privacy protection.

To be clear, eID-Me won’t work as legal ID at launch. Our goal is to improve access to services that require verified identity, including government, financial, health care, legal, and more. We’re developing partnerships to get that done. Launching the eID-Me app is a necessary step in that process because it demonstrates eID-Me’s viability as a verified digital identity.

eID-Me’s digital ID can currently serve as a secure backup of your identity information in case you lose your physical ID documents.

If you want to help speed up eID-Me integrations and adoption, you can do so by spreading the word. Share eID-Me content on social media. Show eID-Me to friends. If you’re really enthusiastic, email your MP ( and MPP (, asking them to support eID-Me digital ID.

We appreciate your help.

Visit our eID-Me FAQ page ( for answers to the following questions and more:

– What happens to my data when I submit for identity proofing?
– How is my identity information protected?
– Who has access to my identity information?
– Why would I trust Bluink with my identity information?
– What happens if I lose my phone?
– Where can I use eID-Me?


Registration Requirements

– iPhone 7 or later (with iOS 13) OR Android phone (with Android 6 or later and NFC enabled)
– Valid Canadian Passport
– Valid Driver’s Licence (Ontario/Quebec) OR Ontario Photo Card (with current address)
– To be at the address shown on your Ontario ID when you register


Download eID-Me:

Join eID-Me Members to receive updates, test new ID documents, and help shape the future of digital ID:


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